Baton Rouge LA Website Design Services

A design suited just for you

A design suited just for you

In the web design stage the goal is to create a visual representation using graphics, photos, color, style, layout, and all the ideas we established in the planning stage. The questions below will help me learn your design preferences.

  • Do you already have a certain image in print that you want to maintain online to create consistency? If not, will you need a corporate identity and logo designed?
  • What "feel and style" best suits your business? Hard-edged? Retail? Open-warm? High-tech? Clean? High Chrome?
  • Do you have a preference so far as colors?

What websites do you like?
A good way to convey what style you want, is to provide the web addresses of other websites you like. As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words. What websites do you find attractive? Are there any you would like to visually emulate? Of course these websites won't be copied, but are a great resource for me to see which styles appeal to you.

Custom Design Template

Once I understand your design parameters, I will then create a custom template design of your home page. This initial design mock-up will be posted online for you to review. We'll discuss likes, dislikes, possible changes, additions, and modifications to the initial design. Once the design template meets your approval, it's time to move on to the development phase of the project.

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